Brabender & Chiang

The Goal

To create a new front page for Chicago-based law firm Brabender & Chiang, LLC that integrated secondary page content from the firm’s existing WordPress powered site while creating a friendly, yet sophisticated page to promote this small, but capable, firm to potential future clients.

The Starting Point

The firm had been maintaining a WordPress site in-house for just over a year. The content of the site was both well written and well read, but it was discovered that nearly all the site traffic was from google searches on specific topics that would lead clients to a practice area or specific blog post rather than from clicks off the homepage, which was limited to a simple menu system and a large image of the logo (see below).

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 4.21.46 PM

The partners contacted us because they wanted to focus more on face-to-face networking which would involve handing out business cards, encouraging more people to visit the website through the homepage, which they understood lacked both content and a certain level of sophistication.

We worked very directly with partner, Andrew Brabender, throughout the process. He shared examples of existing sites that he thought were effective and provided us with a basis for what he believed should be communicated with his site.

Together, we decided that since the content of the existing site was of upmost importance, and rightly so, we would move much of that content to the homepage so even first-time visitors had a chance to see just how much information was available. We added all four practice areas and brief descriptions linking to the longer descriptions of each, listed the most recent articles written by firm members, and added a section of rotating testimonials to promote confidence in the firm’s ability.

Andrew choose a handful of images to use as the hero and is planning to test each with his market to see which is the most effective. Once all parties involved were pleased with the submitted designs, we set to work installing the new homepage into his existing WordPress site so no changes or adjustments to the usual flow were necessary.

The Finished Site


The website is available for viewing at