Constant Battle Meals

Constant Battle Meals is a newly launched meal prep service focused on delicious, healthy, and freshly prepared meals serving the central Wisconsin area.

Previous Branding

Constant Battle Meals came to Stevens Point in the spring of 2020, launching very near the time that COVID-19 arrived, resulting in the temporary closure of area restaurants. In order to provide the area with the freshly prepared, plant-based, home-delivered meal service as quickly as possible, the company used a temporary logo to get started.

The temporary logo they used had many of the aspects the company wanted to embrace. They wanted a clean, bold, modern mark, with a strong circular presence. They also wanted much of the focus to be on the text.

Previous/Original Logo & Branding

Final Logo & Identity

The name Constant Battle reflects the notion that eating healthy, especially when it comes to freshly prepared, and plant-based meals can be difficult. Most people have at least the occasional urge to eat pizza or burgers, or have limited time for shopping, prepping, and cooking healthy meals. This is the battle.

Constant Battle operates on the idea that allowing them to take some of the pressure off, helps keep people on track and allows them to enjoy healthier versions of some of the most crave-able food.

Constant Battle wanted the logo to reflect the idea that they understand that eating healthy is a constant battle, it’s balance, and it’s work. The final logo is a ply on those concepts, displaying an almost Atlas like boulder rolling forward, trying to achieve perfect balance. The bold, geometric text support that boulder, providing a strong foundation needed to achieve that desired balance.

The businesses needed the identity to be displayed in a variety of formats and configurations for use across all their marketing channels including social media platforms, their website, food packaging, delivery vehicles, etc.

Rebrand in Context