Coyote Blu – Arts & Design Ltd. Co.

Founded in 2020 by artist and designer, Lynn Antonoplos Timmons, Coyote Blue Arts & Design Ltd. Co. specializes in fine art, hand painted furniture, and home decor.

Lynn contacted Elbongurk interested in a logo for her new business which will have two locations, Lake Arrowhead, Wisconsin and Taos, New Mexico where a storefront will eventually be opened. She is deeply influenced by nature and her home in forest near Lake Arrowhead allows her to be surrounded by animals, many of which visit her daily life, including the coyotes.

She knew that she wanted the logo to incorporate a coyote, a moon, and the letter “c”. She had done some preliminary sketches of her own as a starting point.

Using Lynn’s sketch as a jumping off point, I began my work researching, drawing, and thinking. Over the course of just a few weeks, and a bit of back and forth to get the details just right, Lynn and I landed on the finished mark.

In the end, we were able to weave together all the elements she had wanted and even managed a clever double-use of the coyote’s tail to finish the moon and form the “C” allowing the mark to either stand on it’s own, align above the worlds, or even be incorporated into the text, which was also something Lynn was very interested in achieving.