Dang Argyle

The Goal

To create a brand that was as quirky as it’s founders – two crafty girls running an Etsy based business from their respective mitten shaped states. They had a fondness for woodcut owls, browns, teals, and yellows, and argyle, well dang argyle, that is.

The Identity

The ‘dang girls’ as they referred to themselves provided us with a single handmade greeting card adorning a teal woodcut owl stamped on the front. “We would like to incorporate the owl into the logo,” they told us. So we did.

In addition to the owl, we set to work on a logotype. Significantly modifying a modern serifed typeface, the dang argyle type was born. It embodies very subtle elements of traditional typography, while leaning heavily on the playful and unique qualities of the ‘dang girls’ and the Dang Argyle business.

The Print

Once an identity was established, the next move was to produce a set of business cards that could be used by both of the girls. A wood grain pattern was constructed that would provide for a subtle backdrop of both sides of the card. Once the identity was and contact information was set we decided to set the “do you argyle?” tagline on the flip side to add to the playfulness of the cards.

The girls were happy with the cards so we turned to the design and construction of a website for the Dang Argyle set of products.

The Website

Much of the website was designed around the custom tags that many of the Dang Argyle set of textile products had hand sewn into their linings. This was done in response to the girls desire to have the website to be an extension of the hand crafted brand that they were producing.

The design was accepted but both the girls and we’ve moved in into the construction of the website.  WordPress is being used to help the girls manage lists of upcoming events their work will be at, shops people can find their products, as well as incorporating a set of past and future blog posts.