Digital Dirt Land Surveying

The Goal

To create a unique and memorable identity, stationery set, and website for a startup land surveying company that would achieve the following goals of the company:

To provide comprehensive digital land survey services to earthwork contractors, design firms, and equipment retailers involved in automated machine guidance (AMG) projects.

The Identity

Based on the agreed on goals of the company and several meetings with the client, we developed a list describing the company personality as some key visual elements that was to become the company brand:

aggressive, authoritative, bold, powerful, tough, geometric, high-end and precise

We also discussed naming strategy for the company. A large decision whether to use the full name, a partial name, or an acronym for the company was a major part of the beginning stages of the identity design.  Some of the initial concepts show naming and potential naming structures as well as accompanying icons, illustration or focal elements.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 12.24.44 PM

To focus the logo on the company’s speciality of building 3D models, we considered using type composed of 3D elements similar visually to the finished models, additionally we tried a more playful approach of building a pile of dirt that appeared as if were built using 3D software.

Final Logo

The final logo design was chosen because of its strict geometric, bold structure, and small yet clever addition of a dashed line, hinting at the end result of the land surveying services; a highway. Additionally, the client ultimately decided that using the acronym would strengthen the recognizability of the company when used in logo form.



Business Cards






Illustration Work



The Website

I’m happy to share the style prototypes designed to help the client choose type faces, color schemes, and other visual elements for the website.

Note: These prototypes are not intended to show actual layout of the finished website, but rather help determine some of the visual elements that will be used throughout.