Series Release – D1 Can Design

Congruence – I

Alongside the flagship beers, District 1 is planning to release a special series of IPAs each featuring different hops.


In order to set the Congruence Series beers apart from the flagship beers while still staying within the District 1 brand, we left much of the can architecture in place. To create the sub-branding we were looking for, we used custom lettering for the Congruence name.

congruence lettering

Dripping Hop Cone Illustration

To drive home the super hop-forward nature of this beer, Chris, the co-owner and full-time brewer, requested that we add a custom illustrated dripping hop cone front and center and to further push it by giving it a more subtle hop pattern in the background.

Dripping Hop Cone Illustratio

Color Use

Because this is a series, and that the majority of the can design wouldn’t change from beer to beer, we needed a easy way for customers to recognize the difference between them. District 1 flagship beers use a few different indicator, but color is among the most noticeable of them. In keeping with that spirit, each of the Congruence Series beers will each have their own primary accent color. The first in the series is red.

Final Can Design

Congruence I Product Shot