Stevens Point Sculpture Park

The Goal

After meeting with the Stevens Point Sculpture Park committee we found they were seeking to create a brand for their upcoming sculpture park that would achieve the following:

Provide a welcoming and accessible outdoor venue for diverse work including environmental art, exhibitions, activities, and educational programs.

The Identity

When developing the identity for the sculpture park, we choose to lowercase the typeface to make the mark appear more playful. We also opted to use a classic sans for similar reasons. In order to stress the environmental aspect of the park we choose to create a tree like structure that walked the line between nature and sculpture.

In the end this mark that was accepted as it most fit with the sculpture parks goals and aspirations. Once the mark was accepted we moved on to the design of the website.

The Website

From the meeting, we found that the committee was looking to have the following components integrated into a website:

  • List of events occurring in the park
  • List of frequently ask questions about the park
  • Trail map and general location information
  • Photo gallery
  • List of artists who have sculptures residing in the park
  • Information as to how to volunteer and/or donate
  • List of past donors
  • List of current park board members with contact information

Taking this information back with us we decided to separate the navigation into four parts: learn, visit, create, and support. In the end our accepted design placed the content that was given to by the park committee into these four areas and the following design was delivered.

This accepted design was then implemented in WordPress, which gave the ability for the committee to perform future updates to the sites content.

The website is available for viewing at