Water Trails In Iowa

The Goal

To work with both the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and Iowa State University to design two publications outlining the implementation of recreational water trails systems in the state of Iowa. These publications were to be available in printed form as well as an online resource.

The Print

Developing Water Trails in Iowa

The first book designed was Developing Water Trails in Iowa: Practical Guidelines and Templates for Planning, Site Design, Signage, and Construction in the State of Iowa. This was a 156 page development manual containing hundreds of illustrations, diagrams, and photographs printed in full color and perfect bound. In it’s six chapters, the book covered all aspects of planning the water trails from initial planning to signage and mapping individual waterway trails. We handled the initial concepting through the layout and overall design of the book.

Iowa Connections: People, Water and Resources

In this second, slightly smaller book, an argument for the value recreational water trails have on the Iowa community is built. Each section outlines how implementing on a water trails plan like the one outlined in the Developing Water Trails manual helps build community, helps preserve Iowa’s nature surrounding the water, and improves the quality of life for all.

In this book, community centered, nature focused recreational photographs support the narrative promoting the acceptance of building water trails. This publication takes on a much more nostalgic tone and was designed with the idea of building relationships through the enjoyment of nature with family.

Both books have been used as models in other states interested in building recreational waterways and promoting the use of these recreational trails. We take pride in our community based projects and are proud to have worked with both ISU and the Iowa DNR on such an important project.