Waypoint Spine

Logo, Identity, Branding, Business Set, & Digital and Traditional Marketing Materials 

The Goal

To help build a strong, recognizable brand for this new orthopedic spine practice.

The Client

A team of orthopedic specialists including surgeons, physician’s assistants, physical therapists, and nurses opening private practice spine clinics in two locations in central Wisconsin.

The Identity

The founding members named the practice Waypoint Spine as a nod to travel and navigation along with a connection to place. When we first met with the Waypoint team, they expressed a strong desire to incorporate a compass into the logo to further emphasize this.

Initial Concepts

Initial identity concepts focused on different representations of the compass idea. Some also incorporated the idea of place using a compass arrow that could also be read as a tall pine tree as is iconic of Wisconsin forests.


Final Identity

The final identity was chosen because the mark was able to be read two ways. It could be seen as either a simplified compass pointing north or representative of vertebra which was great for a group focused on spine care.


Stationary Set



Central Ave, Marshfield, WI

HWY 39/51 North, Wausau, WI

Examples of some branded posts as part their social media marketing strategy