So we made a wedding

Designing your own wedding invitations is something that many graphic designers most likely agonize over. Nothing is ever just quite good enough, there is always just one more little tweak, and you ultimately end up continually revisiting that initial design – always asking yourself, “Is this good enough?”.

It Begins

It’s not enough to just design a “save the date” and move on with your life. “No”, you tell yourself, I need to start by creating an identity – carrying it through with a brand design. You even half consider creating a style guide.

The Disappointment

Sure, most likely 98% of the people on your guest list will never realize the agony you went through to ensure a consistent message went out on all the materials that showed up at their doors. You’ll also need to remember to refrain from shouting when later asked what website you used for your invitations.

The Realization

Remember that not everyone lives in a design vacuum. So what if they didn’t realize you made your own wedding website. Or didn’t notice that it was using a responsive design. These aren’t matters that concern most people.

They are matters that concern you – so thats why you did them. So enjoy the fact that you now have artifacts that you personally made, things that most likely have real sentimental value. Perhaps even more than that online template people keep asking you about.


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