Wireframe Tools for Mobile Devices

For each new web or app project I begin by making lists, writing, and drawing. I start by quickly sketching out as many different ideas as I can. Once I’ve exhausted every possibility I can think of, I choose the best of those ideas and start fleshing out those ideas into tight plans for how the finished website or app will look and how it will work.

I’ve used all sorts of methods and mediums for doing this. I’ve tried everything from blank printer paper to fancy specialized software, but each time I found myself wishing for something better- more details, fewer features, larger sizes, measurements, the list is endless. To this end, I have finally decided to design my own wireframe templates and I wanted to take the opportunity to share them in case there is anyone else out there who might be able to make use of them.

A Few Features:

  • each template fits on a 8.5 x 11 inch page
  • dot grid (I love dotted grids! for better proportion and straighter lines)
  • markings for keyboard reach and various default bars
  • actual size or 50% scale for more accurate planning
  • responsive website template includes extended dots and markings for sketching beyond the fold

You can download the complete set here, or pick and choose from individual templates below.



iPhone 6s Wireframes

iPhone 6s Wireframes


iPad Air Wireframes

iPad Air2 Wireframe - scaled

iPad Air Wireframe


Responsive Website Wireframes

Responsive Website Wireframe

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