We’ve started a WordPress Meetup Group!

Much of the web design and development work we do around here, including this website, is developed using WordPress. We often find ourselves discussing the pros and cons, the quirks, how-to’s, and other WP related stuff around the office, and sometimes with our close friends and family. The latter, we are starting to realize, probably […]

How to use Sass in Coda

Having just finished Dan Cederholm’s excellent Sass For Web Designers I wanted to delve right into Sass myself. So I jumped right into my go to text editor, Coda from Panic, and while it did support the Sass syntax it sadly doesn’t automagically compile the Sass into CSS for you. So after some digging and […]

How nerds read time

This Friday I wanted to learn some more about the new CSS3 viewport units so I decided to create a binary clock. Viewport units allow this clock to scale its size fluidly on any devices screen. Go ahead, try opening it up and resizing your browser, try making your browser window taller than it is […]

Studio Tour

Edit: Since this post was written we have closed our office at this location. As mentioned in the last post, we recently had a building sign installed to mark our little place in the world. It’s just a simple little sign, no glitz or glamor, but just having it there has energized out enthusiasm for […]

It’s a Sign!

Edit: Since this post was written we have closed our office at this location. It is a sign, our new building sign! Yesterday, thanks to Bushman Crane & Sign, a big bucket truck came and installed a 5 foot sign above our balcony doors and also a smaller sign on both sides the Four Seasons […]