I’m Drawing Ampersands

Today I’m here to announce my latest side project. I’ve decided that for the unforeseeable future, I will draw an ampersand every day and post it to the blog, am.persand.me. I’ve set a number of rules up for myself, including that my daily deadline for new posts is 11:59am, thus the emphasis on the “am” in the […]

More Wedding Bells (read invites)

A set of very close friends tied the knot this summer in beautiful Door County, Wisconsin. We very happily attended the ceremony, gorged ourselves on the amazing food, enjoyed the free flowing adult beverages, and danced like crazy till the lights went out (in exactly that order). Along with all the fun came a few […]

So we made a wedding

Designing your own wedding invitations is something that many graphic designers most likely agonize over. Nothing is ever just quite good enough, there is always just one more little tweak, and you ultimately end up continually revisiting that initial design – always asking yourself, “Is this good enough?”. It Begins It’s not enough to just […]