Can Designs – District 1 Brewing Co.

Flagship Series

A new brewery landed in Stevens Point, WI in early 2020. They began building their lineup with taproom only brews, but as of November 2020, D1 began releasing their signature beers in cans. We were proud to help them with the can designs and branding for their flagship series.

D1 Flagship Series Product Shot

Boy with the Boot

An easy drinking blueberry wheat named for a historic statue, is a crowd favorite and was the first can we worked on and set the tone for the entire series.

Can Architecture

The overall can design was inspired by the brewery itself which was once home to a Red Owl grocery store. The nearly 7,000 sq. foot building has been totally transformed and is now a very modern looking industrial detailed building.

Under the bar is a series of these very eye-catching panels of suspended metal which are represented on the can as the diagonals framing the front of the can.

District 1 Inspiration BoardShots of the brewery and the bar panels with earlier version of the can design.

Icon Design

As a way to differentiate D1 beers on merchandise or on menus, we decided that each of the flagships would have a unique icon. We worked up a few different approaches, and eventually landed on black and white silhouette that represented the beer name.

District 1 names each of the beers after something special, often related to the local community. Boy with the Boot is named for a local statue dating back to the 1800s so it was fitting to find a way to draw him in a very recognizable way.

Boy with the Boot Icon Inspiration

Photo (left) shows the current Boy with the Leaking Boot statue and icon (right) is the finished icon for Boy with the Boot Blueberry Wheat.

Finished Can Designs

The final cans use a limited color scheme-black and grey connecting to the brewery which will be carried throughout the series, and then a specific color, in this case blue which represents the brand. The back of the can has a short description of the beer, a Fact usually related to the icon, and then some pairing recommendations which have some simple illustrations we created to give a visual along with the text.

Product shot for Boy with the Boot Blueberry Wheat

I’d Cry Over Spilt Milk Stout

This beer is a heavy hitting milk stout, perfect to keep warm during the winter months. For this we followed the same can architecture but developed a unique icon and incorporated a creamy brown that looks a little like the beer color itself.

Spilt Milk Stout Product Shot


Named for the grocery store that first occupied the brewery building, Red Owl is a red amber. As a nice connection to the 1960s grocery experience, the icon is a young grocery “carry-out” boy in uniform which was once a staple of the shopping experience.

Red Owl Amber Product Shots

Mix-n-Match 4 Packs

D1 Flagship Mix-n-Match Pack