OMNI Brewing – Malt Shop

Malt Shop Series

OMNI Brewing out of Maple Grove, Minnesota is a young but quickly growing craft brewery. They compete in the crowded Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and wanted to redesign their cans to better help them stand out in the market. They have several flagship brews, but are best known for their speciality beers, so the first can to be released in the new lineup is a raspberry vanilla milkshake IPA, part of a sub series of milkshake IPAs with rotating fruit flavors.

Malt Shop Emblem

To help signal that the can marks a speciality beer sold at a higher price point, I wanted to add some extra detail to the can. I hand lettered the words Malt Shop, combined it with a nice script font, and assembled an emblem to be prominently displayed on the cans.


Malt Shop Illustrations

I worked up some fruit illustrations to highlight the particular fruits that are used in each of the Malt Shop varieties. Here are just a few.


The Can


In Store