Dang Argyle

Created a brand that was as quirky as it’s founders – two crafty girls running an Etsy based business from their respective mitten shaped states. They had a fondness for woodcut owls, browns, teals, and yellows, and argyle, well dang argyle, that is.

Mole Holes

How fast are you? In this game of speed and ridiculousness, you are faced with forty holes each holding the potential for Elmer Mole or one of his clones to pop out and laugh in your face. Can you catch him before he retreats? You’ll have thirty seconds to see how many moles you can […]

Slide Whistle

Remember that curious little toy that created even more curious sound effects? Slide Whistle works just like those old slide whistle toys, only now with a digital flair. To play, simply tap the volume button and then slide that whistle to your hearts content. A little practice and you’ll find yourself right back in your […]